Friday, May 10, 2013

My Work: First Encounter With After Effects

This is my first video made with Adobe After Effects. This video is about my life, an assignment for my minor subject which is CIT541 Instructional Communications Technology and Application. A tiring process it is. Hahaha. But all in all, it was a great experience working with After Effects and I am looking forward to other After Effects projects.

Assignment #5: Creative Resume

A creative resume is....well a resume but not the conventional kind where you only type in words and put a passport photo of yourself in the right or left upper corner. A creative resume is a also tool of promoting yourself, a great way for you to stand out from the crowd. A creative resume is suitable if you are applying to get a job in the creative industry be it for positions of graphic designer, copywriter, fashion designer or any other posts that relates to the arts and creativity. Creative resumes are also suitable for you to apply for corporate positions but make your resume does not go over the top, keep it simple and a safe way is by applying an info-graphic style. 

This is my creative resume:

(unconventional, colours, edgy, modernity)

I used the concept of lines and polygons to exude the edgy and modern feel to the resume. The sections are differentiated with different colours so that the employer will have no problem in reading the resume. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assignment #4: Empathy

Empathy. Different from sympathy, empathy has a more significant deep meaning. Empathy is where you feel what others feel, or in a simpler term: you become the person. When you become the person, you will have an idea of what the person goes through on a daily or in a certain situation. Empathy is a very important characteristic for someone in the creative team of an ad agency to have because with empathy, we can reach our target audience better and precise. 

With empathy, your advertisements can exude certain emotions for the public or the viewer of the ad feels what you want to make them feel. The emotions can be either positive..or negative, depending on what product, issue and what you want them to feel in order for them to connect with your ad.

Empathy in an International ad:

The above ad or more specific, a public service announcement (PSA) for World Water Day 2013

(drought, insufficient, thirst)

The concept they used in depicting insufficient of water is by illustrating it on a view of cracked dry soil where you will find in places of dry and hot climate. The cracked soil in the middle resembles a child begging for water with a water faucet on top. It depicts the desperation or the dire need of water fro them to nourish (the metaphor used is the dry cracked soil)

(Positive: needy, hopeful. Negative: dreadful, left out)

Why do they use the metaphor of a dry cracked soil? Well of course, dehydrated soil if it is left with no water for a long time, it will be de-nourished, dry, and will have no capacity for it to bear any trees or plants. Same goes to a child/human, water is the basic nourishment that we need in order for us to live a healthy life and thus, without enough water, they will have problems with their health and could live for a shorter time and therefore the tagline: 'Bring water to their lives'. The people who are in need of water have hopes that someone would bring them some. 

Empathy in a local ad:

The above is an ad for SPCA Malaysia

(adoption is fun, joy, companionship)

A simple concept is used to depict the ideas where the ad portrays a little girl playing with an effigy made of little toys that resembles a cat. 

(Positive: hyper, affection, playful)

The cat is not portrayed as a normal cat is because they want to tell the public that a pet is not just a pet where you cuddle with them and as companions, pets are also playful with their never ending antics. Playful creatures like them deserve more attention because they offer more to us than just being there with us as our friend and companion. Therefore the metaphor of little toys, depicting that a pet is filled with 1001 wonders that will make their owner feel very happy and will have fun filled times with their pets. 

When you dont are not living

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Assignment #3: Ideas and Concepts

Doodle mind map in the sketch book
Idea and concept. The theme for the week's blog post. So we had a lesson on how to generate ideas and how do we conceptualize the ideas in becoming a finished product. Therefore, we were asked to analyze TVCs, one local and one international for us to analyze of what are their ideas and concepts in the ads. Here we go

(a theory, an abstract representation, it is subjective and objective)

(how to execute the idea, connection of ideas, action plan)

Local TVC

I love Malaysia Airlines. Forever will. 

Basically this TVC was to promote and introduce the new fleet of Malaysia Airlines which is the super jumbo jet Airbus A380

The gist: People can only dream of something big, but Malaysia Airlines is about to share the dream of having the most spacious aircraft in the world with the people.

(big, spacious, dream)

Dream: The idea of 'dream' is conceptualize with the TVC being in black and white, in which arguably the way we dream. We dream in black and white or grayscale.

Big and spacious: This is executed with the scenes of 2 engineers depicting the spaciousness with non direct imageries: 
1) Scene on the beach: The engineer pushes away the other engineer far away depicting the width of the aircraft which is very wide.
2) Airplane mock up: The engineers in front of 2 white walls with one wall having a hole and one wall having windows in top and bottom with a staircase. Depiction of the aircraft having 2 decks, upper and lower deck. 
3) Cityscape: The engineers are in a city with tall buildings and while looking up the buildings form a silhouette of the aircraft with depiction of 2 big wings.

International TVC

The Sony Xperia Z TVC. Love it

This TVC is made to promote the newest Xperia phone by Sony which is the Sony Xperia Z.

(innovation, invention)

Innovation and invention: These 2 ideas are put into execution with the concept of time frame and retro flashbacks of all the inventions of Sony such as the Trinitron television, walkman, handycam, Playstation and lastly to the present time with the Xperia Z. The rationale of them featuring their previous inventions is to link them with the Xperia Z in which the phone fuses all elements: a media system (portable TV and walkman music), video recording like handycam and gaming experience like the Playstation. All that plus the ever solid innovation of waterproofing, so yeah, you dont have to worry about your phone getting damaged by water. (I sound like a Sony salesman)

Ideas are matter big or small

Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment #2: Creative Idol


Fashion photography has always been my passion. I love to view fashion photos. I like to see the colours, the concept, the way the models are styled, the backdrop..ah! Everything about fashion photography intrigues me. Fashion photography leads me to pursue my studies in advertising because I would love to have the opportunity to be a creative director for a fashion campaign. My dream! Okay enough about me...

Actually my passion in fashion photography has a significance with my creative idol. I have loved his work since I first discovered him on my favourite (well, was) reality show America's Next Top Model (ANTM). He was featured as a guest photographer for the photoshoot of the week. Who is he? 

Mike Rosenthal. Handsome guy he is

Mike and a camera. A great chemistry

Mike at work for one of the photoshoots in ANTM Cycle 16

Mike also is a guest judge on the ANTM judging panel

Who exactly is he?

Mike loves fine arts when he was a kid. He grew up in a family of artists, so he was always inspired to make so many things among them were furniture, paintings, forts, photos and home movies. Art led him to have a place in the film business with focus on cinematography. He was an apprentice to Russell Carpenter for 3 years. Russell Carpenter is an Academy Award winning Cinematographer for the film Titanic. So, he wasn't interning for just a certain somebody. He worked for a number of years in cinema before he ventured into the photography industry as his permanent career. Now he does a mix of still and motion picture projects, photographer, director, and director of photography. 

He have since worked on a wide range of projects, with a wider range of clients. He had done 11 seasons of ANTM as a guest photographer, and sometimes becomes the guest judge on the judging panel. Not limit to only fashion photos, he had also shot movie posters, beauty campaigns and celebrity covers. 

His interest besides photography includes travelling, adventure, Italian food, and doing origami. He is a well rounded person if you ask me. 

His works:

America's Next Top Model
ANTM Cycle 12: New Yorks Finest

ANTM Cycle 11: TopModel Awards

ANTM Cycle 9: Bad Sides of Smoking

ANTM Cycle 10: Fuerzabruta (Dancing in Water)

ANTM Cycle 7: Circus Freaks

ANTM Cycle 16: Beauty Shots with Bees

ANTM Cycle 13: Cirque du Soleil
Celebrity Covers
Charlize Theron

Haley Joel Osment

Dave Franco

Max Theriot

Chanel Iman

Marion Cotillard
Client: P&G

MissMe Fall/Winter 2010

MM Couture 2012

Client: 2(x)ist
Why do I consider him as my creative idol

I am a person who is not easy to be pleased. Im quite fussy at times and when I see something good, it is good. Mike Rosenthal's fashion photos really catches my attention and he is visionary. His fashion photos have meanings, besides being creative and worth a photo. His photography skills gives life to the overall approach of the fashion photo concept, he can grasp the idea and execute it tremendously. Moreover, his life have been an adventure. He pursues what he loves, having a hobby and making money out of it..that is what I intend to do too. Make your hobby a job. Mike inspires me to be more creative and seek more potential in creating something extraordinary. Fashion photography will always be my passion and Insyaallah I will achieve what I want in life...just like Mike did.

If you dont like what you are doing, stop doing it

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Assignment #1

In businesses, it is essential for a business owner to reach its target audience. The target audience can be reached with many means ie; advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and what not. So many ways. But there is more than just advertising for businesses in the quote above. Okay, first let me just explain what is it that I understand from it.

From a business point of view: Okay, take you have a business, lets say a restaurant. How are you going to expect the people there to go to your restaurant without some advertising and promotions right? Okay, that is one way to look at it. No advertising/promotions = less customers or even more dreadful, no customers at all (yikes!).

Now, 'winking at a girl in the dark'.... do you actually see the girl? Is it a girl? You cant see anything in the dark can you? So why wink in the dark? Hahaha. Okay, what I understand from the line is that, 

1) It is a useless thing to do. Why wink at someone, when the person cant even see you. Turn the lights on at least. 
-Make sure the people you are targeting can see/notice/find your shop or business. Advertisements DOES matter

2) You sure you are winking at a girl? 
- Some businesses dont even know who their target market is, and therefore they could ave advertised to the wrong people. Understand who your target market first, then wink at them (in the light of course, not in the dark). So, it is essential to notice your target market before they can notice you.

Advertising and advertisement is the light switch, turn it on so people can notice your presence in the room. Marketing your business 101. 

In conclusion, when doing a business, the most important thing to do is.... FIND THE LIGHT, AND SHINE IT.