Sunday, March 10, 2013

Assignment #1

In businesses, it is essential for a business owner to reach its target audience. The target audience can be reached with many means ie; advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and what not. So many ways. But there is more than just advertising for businesses in the quote above. Okay, first let me just explain what is it that I understand from it.

From a business point of view: Okay, take you have a business, lets say a restaurant. How are you going to expect the people there to go to your restaurant without some advertising and promotions right? Okay, that is one way to look at it. No advertising/promotions = less customers or even more dreadful, no customers at all (yikes!).

Now, 'winking at a girl in the dark'.... do you actually see the girl? Is it a girl? You cant see anything in the dark can you? So why wink in the dark? Hahaha. Okay, what I understand from the line is that, 

1) It is a useless thing to do. Why wink at someone, when the person cant even see you. Turn the lights on at least. 
-Make sure the people you are targeting can see/notice/find your shop or business. Advertisements DOES matter

2) You sure you are winking at a girl? 
- Some businesses dont even know who their target market is, and therefore they could ave advertised to the wrong people. Understand who your target market first, then wink at them (in the light of course, not in the dark). So, it is essential to notice your target market before they can notice you.

Advertising and advertisement is the light switch, turn it on so people can notice your presence in the room. Marketing your business 101. 

In conclusion, when doing a business, the most important thing to do is.... FIND THE LIGHT, AND SHINE IT.

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