Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment #2: Creative Idol


Fashion photography has always been my passion. I love to view fashion photos. I like to see the colours, the concept, the way the models are styled, the backdrop..ah! Everything about fashion photography intrigues me. Fashion photography leads me to pursue my studies in advertising because I would love to have the opportunity to be a creative director for a fashion campaign. My dream! Okay enough about me...

Actually my passion in fashion photography has a significance with my creative idol. I have loved his work since I first discovered him on my favourite (well, was) reality show America's Next Top Model (ANTM). He was featured as a guest photographer for the photoshoot of the week. Who is he? 

Mike Rosenthal. Handsome guy he is

Mike and a camera. A great chemistry

Mike at work for one of the photoshoots in ANTM Cycle 16

Mike also is a guest judge on the ANTM judging panel

Who exactly is he?

Mike loves fine arts when he was a kid. He grew up in a family of artists, so he was always inspired to make so many things among them were furniture, paintings, forts, photos and home movies. Art led him to have a place in the film business with focus on cinematography. He was an apprentice to Russell Carpenter for 3 years. Russell Carpenter is an Academy Award winning Cinematographer for the film Titanic. So, he wasn't interning for just a certain somebody. He worked for a number of years in cinema before he ventured into the photography industry as his permanent career. Now he does a mix of still and motion picture projects, photographer, director, and director of photography. 

He have since worked on a wide range of projects, with a wider range of clients. He had done 11 seasons of ANTM as a guest photographer, and sometimes becomes the guest judge on the judging panel. Not limit to only fashion photos, he had also shot movie posters, beauty campaigns and celebrity covers. 

His interest besides photography includes travelling, adventure, Italian food, and doing origami. He is a well rounded person if you ask me. 

His works:

America's Next Top Model
ANTM Cycle 12: New Yorks Finest

ANTM Cycle 11: TopModel Awards

ANTM Cycle 9: Bad Sides of Smoking

ANTM Cycle 10: Fuerzabruta (Dancing in Water)

ANTM Cycle 7: Circus Freaks

ANTM Cycle 16: Beauty Shots with Bees

ANTM Cycle 13: Cirque du Soleil
Celebrity Covers
Charlize Theron

Haley Joel Osment

Dave Franco

Max Theriot

Chanel Iman

Marion Cotillard
Client: P&G

MissMe Fall/Winter 2010

MM Couture 2012

Client: 2(x)ist
Why do I consider him as my creative idol

I am a person who is not easy to be pleased. Im quite fussy at times and when I see something good, it is good. Mike Rosenthal's fashion photos really catches my attention and he is visionary. His fashion photos have meanings, besides being creative and worth a photo. His photography skills gives life to the overall approach of the fashion photo concept, he can grasp the idea and execute it tremendously. Moreover, his life have been an adventure. He pursues what he loves, having a hobby and making money out of it..that is what I intend to do too. Make your hobby a job. Mike inspires me to be more creative and seek more potential in creating something extraordinary. Fashion photography will always be my passion and Insyaallah I will achieve what I want in life...just like Mike did.

If you dont like what you are doing, stop doing it

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