Sunday, March 31, 2013

Assignment #3: Ideas and Concepts

Doodle mind map in the sketch book
Idea and concept. The theme for the week's blog post. So we had a lesson on how to generate ideas and how do we conceptualize the ideas in becoming a finished product. Therefore, we were asked to analyze TVCs, one local and one international for us to analyze of what are their ideas and concepts in the ads. Here we go

(a theory, an abstract representation, it is subjective and objective)

(how to execute the idea, connection of ideas, action plan)

Local TVC

I love Malaysia Airlines. Forever will. 

Basically this TVC was to promote and introduce the new fleet of Malaysia Airlines which is the super jumbo jet Airbus A380

The gist: People can only dream of something big, but Malaysia Airlines is about to share the dream of having the most spacious aircraft in the world with the people.

(big, spacious, dream)

Dream: The idea of 'dream' is conceptualize with the TVC being in black and white, in which arguably the way we dream. We dream in black and white or grayscale.

Big and spacious: This is executed with the scenes of 2 engineers depicting the spaciousness with non direct imageries: 
1) Scene on the beach: The engineer pushes away the other engineer far away depicting the width of the aircraft which is very wide.
2) Airplane mock up: The engineers in front of 2 white walls with one wall having a hole and one wall having windows in top and bottom with a staircase. Depiction of the aircraft having 2 decks, upper and lower deck. 
3) Cityscape: The engineers are in a city with tall buildings and while looking up the buildings form a silhouette of the aircraft with depiction of 2 big wings.

International TVC

The Sony Xperia Z TVC. Love it

This TVC is made to promote the newest Xperia phone by Sony which is the Sony Xperia Z.

(innovation, invention)

Innovation and invention: These 2 ideas are put into execution with the concept of time frame and retro flashbacks of all the inventions of Sony such as the Trinitron television, walkman, handycam, Playstation and lastly to the present time with the Xperia Z. The rationale of them featuring their previous inventions is to link them with the Xperia Z in which the phone fuses all elements: a media system (portable TV and walkman music), video recording like handycam and gaming experience like the Playstation. All that plus the ever solid innovation of waterproofing, so yeah, you dont have to worry about your phone getting damaged by water. (I sound like a Sony salesman)

Ideas are matter big or small

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